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Altierre is the only future-proof wireless IoT system. Providing flawless performance, regardless line-of-sight barriers, temperature extremes, or WiFi and channel frequency interference issues that seriously hinder other systems. Our wireless platform turns physical environments into invaluable real-time ‘nerve centers’ for rapidly sensing, identifying and eliminating waste. Seizing sales and profit opportunities and driving profitability across every area of a business.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is rapidly opening up major new pathways to achieve heightened profitability across all industry sectors.


All lines of businesses are seizing the power of IoT systems to streamline operations, improve accuracy and bolster performance.


Altierre provides IoT solutions to transform businesses into non-stop nerve centers for continuous improvement.

Solutions for every business environment

Altierre brings to life untapped profit potential from every item, activity and pattern in the business and empowers companies to instantly capitalize on opportunities to substantially add to the bottom line.

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