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Internet of Things

It’s become a well-used term in today’s market. But what does it mean?

Imagine millions of devices communicating back and forth, scanning every item and activity, and immediately sending alerts about rapidly emerging opportunities or problems to maximize productivity and profitability. 

The Internet of Things is rapidly opening up major new pathways to achieve heightened profitability across all industry sectors. The question is no longer whether IoT is required to drive success heading forward, but which system to choose and how quickly to deploy.

The Altierre difference

Altierre’s IoT system uses proprietary patented wireless ‘hopping’ technology that provides flawless operational performance regardless of temperature extremes, line-of-sight barriers, WiFi and channel frequency interference and other issues than seriously hinder other IoT solutions.

Our bi-directional architecture transforms facilities, stores, showrooms and other physical business environments – along with every item and activity within – into nonstop ‘nerve centers’ to monitor, detect and flag opportunities for continuous improvement. We devoted more than a decade and all the resources necessary to develop the most powerful and robust wireless IoT solution available.

Working with Altierre, businesses gain critical information to a degree nearly unimaginable. No one else can deliver anything close.

Future proof platform

Altierre’s technology architecture is built to be “future proof” in its ability to operate flawlessly in all business environments.

The probability of Altierre’s wireless system experiencing interference from overlapping channels, for example, is less than 0.025%.

Altierre’s IoT platform provides near unlimited scalability.

A single Altierre access point can manage up to 50,000 sq ft, and the system can be expanded to include a million or more sensors. Companies can expand their IoT deployments to whatever degree and speed best meets ongoing expansion needs and desire to reap additional benefits.”

The IoT system’s ultra low energy requirement provides guaranteed extended, battery, sensor and access point lifespans.

And that is just the beginning of the total Altierre advantage.

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