Altierre, a fast growing company, established in 2003 in Silicon valley, California, has developed revolutionary ultra-low power wireless technology to connect hundreds of thousands of remote objects in a building like a retail store, a manufacturing facility, a hospital, etc. With battery lives ranging into years Altierre can enable the true “true internet of things” which requires internet connectivity without wires to “things” and without the impractical frequent recharging of batteries.

With its initial display based applications in retail, Altierre is revolutionizing the world of price and signage changes in retail allowing retailers to seamlessly execute in the Omni channel retailing era. Current processes are increasingly unable to keep up with the explosion of information, required to serve the diverse needs of retailers and consumers. Altierre’s sensor based applications level the playing field with online approaches by enabling unprecedented real-time visibility into brick and mortar stores for Out of Stocks, traffic patterns, temperature or moisture sensing, etc. thus providing real actionable and manageable intelligence to improve both top and bottom line numbers for retailers.

Its digital price signs are now installed in all Kohl's department stores around the US. These have automated the paper and labor based, tedious price change process in stores. It now provides the platform to bring web site content directly to every rack. Its digital price tags are powering many Leclerc hypermarkets in France with as many as 20,000 to 80,000 tags per store. Its wireless temperature tags are rolled out in over 40 stores after an initial pilot store at a top supermarket chain in the US. It’s Out of Stock sensor tag and web based alerting solution has already been field proven with one of the world’s leading beer company, providing real-time visibility and alerting over the internet on Out of stocks in a store. Many retailers in the US and around the world are now engaging with Altierre in its march to revolutionize retail stores and bring connectivity to every SKU in brick and mortar stores.

The market opportunity for Altierre’s solutions exceeds tens of billions of dollars in the United States alone. Addressing a major pain point within the $3 Trillion US retail industry, Altierre is attacking the “next big thing”.


Altierre was founded in 2003 by a team of technology and retail veterans each with decades of experience in retail, software, RF and high volume manufacturing. They recognized the market opportunity and the immense need for a wireless solution that could unlock billions of dollars in profits for retailers.

Altierre has raised $78Million across several rounds of institutional funding from top-tier investment firms, the D E Shaw group, a $36 billion investment firm, DuPont Capital Management a $27 billion fund, , ATA Ventures, Labrador Ventures and Kinetic Ventures.

  • Altierre has developed a highly scalable, bidirectional wireless technology that can manage and update billions of intelligent tags and displays across a global enterprise from central headquarters.
  • Its non-line of sight RF based technology is the longest range in its class of very low power and can manage entire 100,000 sq. ft. buildings like retail stores with only a couple of wireless access points.
  • With multiple layers of security it is the most secure low power bi-directional wireless technology with scalability to hundreds of thousands of devices in a building.
  • Based on its patented RF mixed signal chip technology, Altierre has developed several schemes for both low power communications as well as driving displays.