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Electronic shelf labels

With Altierre, one thing is certain: Pricing accuracy and product details will never be an issue again.

The system instantly and automatically updates prices and product details with 100% accuracy.

As a result, labor costs drop dramatically, often ranging into millions of dollars or much more depending on the number of stores or showrooms involved. Associates who had been manually updating paper prices can be redeployed to higher value activities.

Shoppers gain increased trust and confidence in the brand as pricing accuracy continually ranks at or near the top of the list of priorities in nearly all customer satisfaction surveys.

The benefits of Altierre’s bi-directional shelf labeling solution, however, extend beyond pricing accuracy and labor saving. The IoT system empowers companies to fully exploit dynamic pricing and promotional profit opportunities.

Managers can quickly exploit emerging opportunities by highlighting and changing prices by product categories, health themes, time of day or night, or other variables.

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