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All industries today are charged with developing sustainability strategies and best practices to reduce potential adverse environmental impact from ongoing operations.

Sustainability is the right thing to do. Efforts to significantly reduce waste are not only proving to be economically advantageous, but are also inspiring support and goodwill within communities and cities, as well as in the media.

Altierre’s wireless IoT system is a leader in eliminating the use of paper, ink and other materials that harm the environment.

The $50 billion IoT opportunity…

Excess use of paper price tags and signage, ink cartridges and other materials add up to a $50 billion annual problem – or opportunity – for some industries in the United States alone, according to studies.

For retailers, sustainability efforts are underway to reduce the annual use of more than 1 billion sheets of paper, 100 million ink cartridges, 1 billion watts of energy.

In terms of paper alone, one tree produces 8,333 sheets. Using one billion sheets of paper requires cutting down 120,000 trees.   

Supermarkets are one of the retail sectors taking an especially large role in leveraging IoT tags and signage to greatly reduce paper usage in the store.

Food retailers are not only reducing environmental waste by using IoT tags but also reducing labor costs. According to industry statistics, changing paper tag prices involves 4,000 to 6,000 employees across just one food chain.

For all industries, the ability to enhance sustainability efforts and reduce ongoing costs is immense. Altierre’s IoT system provides the path forward.

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