Altierre Benefits

Altierre display signage has proven to deliver significant ROI in department, grocery and big-box stores with successful installations across entire retail chains. As “destination” stores typically focus promotions on the time of day (early bird) or specific day of week, the multiple price changes needed to maintain this promotional schedule can be both time consuming and labor intensive.

Altierre’s unique auto scheduling capabilities enable retailers to download upcoming promotions into our digital signs in advance; prices will automatically update on the specified day or time. As such, a store manager can schedule a price reduction during a specific block of time – say 1 to 6 p.m. to encourage afternoon shoppers – with the prices reverting back to regular prices at 6 pm.

Altierre delivers savings by limiting manual labor, reducing the use of paper for signage, improving price accuracy (reducing fines, checkout price checks, etc.) and delivering real-time pricing flexibility that enable brick and mortar retailers to compete with online retailing and price matching. By partnering with Altierre, retailers are given the ability to synchronize online and offline pricing and promotions for a seamless shopping experience.

Altierre offers both epaper and cost effective graphical LCD signs for a mix’n’match approach that provides flexibility to develop the best solution for each unique retail environment. The signs can be used in all aspect of a retail store experience – apparel racks, display shelving, jewelry cases and counters, home appliance and electronic displays, furniture, food and outdoor garden centers.