Right Prices

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With the Altierre system, there are no price discrepancies between the shelf-edge and the checkout. Price displayed is price charged! Price checks and price audits are not required.

Eliminating pricing errors improves checkout time, improves customer loyalty and improves the store image.


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Altierre tags are awake day and night, waiting for updates to come through. No limitations are imposed on when updates can occur – whether they are regular daily updates, special promotional updates, or they are emergency updates. This results in curbing lost revenue due to tags showing incorrect prices or showing sale prices even beyond expiry of the sale period.

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The Altierre System eliminates the thankless manual task of paper price labeling, freeing up resources for other productive store operation tasks. The store associates can now focus on mainstream tasks such as helping customers, stocking, ordering, recalls, product rotations and manning check-out lanes. The Altierre System facilitates the stocking, ordering, product recalls and product rotation functions via its StoreOps screen feature.