Altierre Technology

why alt

Altierre’s expertise in RF and digital chip development, RF and digital systems, enterprise software, display technologies, mechanical design, manufacturing and retail operations place the company in a unique position to deeply engage and integrate with our customers in ways that significantly impact their businesses. Altierre’s expansive knowledge is instrumental in bringing to market products that further innovation while adhering to market requirements. In addition, the reliability of Altierre products is assured and guaranteed by worldwide sales, deployment and support teams.


Altierre system highlights include:

– An intelligent and scalable RF network that coexists with all the ISM band players including: WiFi, Zigbee, BT and BLE
– Fully bi-directional RF network for error-free communication
– A full range of graphic LCD and e-paper labels that can be deployed concurrently
– Ultra low energy consumption devices with field tested battery life
– Dynamic graphic screen animation capabilities for displays to include both images and logos
– Alternatives secondary screens to display managing data
– NFC and BLE options for POP customer communications
– Sensor network operating on the same radio infrastructure
– The best ROI and lowest TCO system on the market