Ravi Bhatnagar

6Ravi Bhatnagar
VP Digital Systems and Digital IC Developmentline1

Ravi has over 30 years of experience in designing integrated circuits. In the 80’s he led the development of the PC AT chipset at Chips and Technologies (acquired by Intel) that gave birth to the IBM PC clone market. This enabled the widespread use of the IBM PC. At Chips and Technologies he was Vice President of the $190M personal computer division at where he successfully led a team of 150 developers to develop the first clean-room 486 class microprocessor outside Intel. This was fully compatible with the Intel instruction set as well as Windows applications software. Later, he was the Vice President of the Personal Systems division at Cirrus Logic, where he successfully designed and put into production several products including an ARM based network computer, ARM based Smart phone, ARM based PDA, and an ARM based ATM SOC. These products had successful design wins at Apple and Motorola. Ravi later started LinkUp, a Smartphone and PDA applications processor company, which he successfully merged into Neomagic Corp. At LinkUp, Ravi developed close working relationships with Intel and several offshore companies from whom he successfully raised 3 rounds of funding for the company. After the merger, he was Senior VP at Neomagic, where led the joint program development with Analog Devices for the final form factor GPRS smart phone. He also led the Windows CE strategy for Neomagic with Microsoft. Most recently Ravi was the Senior Vice President of development at Nethra Imaging. At Nethra, he led the design of several high performance, low power and low cost image processing chips to enable high quality images on inexpensive cell phone cameras. Ravi has a BSEE from IIT Kharagpur in India and an MSEE and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.