Internet of Things






Altierre    IRISTM – The Wireless Chip for the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is about sharing data or information collected by “things” or “machines.” IoT will be the driver for massive productivity enhancements as industries explore new ways to tap into its boundless potential. Wired network solutions are limited in their ability to connect millions of small untethered mobile objects, while wireless connectivity has the flexibility to scale and profit from that scale. Wireless connectivity is critical the future of IoT as it provides an expandable foundation on which to build a growing network of “things.” To date, no standard wireless protocol has been specifically architected to address the requirements of IoT beyond limited home applications.

Altierre developed the IRISTM wireless chip and flexible wireless network specifically to adapt to the proliferation of IoT-enabled devices located within close proximity or within a singular space (such as a large building or warehouse).

The IRISTM wireless chip is specifically architected to provide:

  • Scalability – able to integrate with millions of tiny battery powered devices and sensors
  • Reliability –supports 2-way data communications (not just ID or an acknowledgement) to validate accuracy and/or report back data
  • Non-interference –a synchronized hopping architecture and narrow communications avoid RF collisions that slow performance and drain batteries
  • Power Consumption – predictable battery consumption with synchronized access point minimizes battery drain caused by device initiated communication and erratic reconnections
  • Security –engineered with multiple layers of security built into the device access points to enhance security

Altierre has integrated its connectivity network into retail applications with sensory and signage applications, including:

  • Connected Digital signage for dynamic pricing of products
  • Connected Out-of-stock sensors for warehouse and inventory management
  • Connected Temperature sensors for maintenance of energy use
  • Connected Motion sensors that provide for smart control of lighting, security and displays.
  • Connected Gas sensors for vast array of applications

Altierre’s adaptable solution can support and provide immediate benefit to an array of IoT enterprise applications with partners that have limited access to wired solutions. Some of these include wireless connectivity solutions for:

  • Airline luggage and asset tracking
  • Humidity Irrigation and light sensors
  • Energy consumption and water use sensors
  • … and a host of ideas we have not even thought of yet.