On-line retailing, increasing labor costs and online price shopping by consumers while in store is putting pressure on Retailers to innovate.  They have to dynamically react to pricing pressures and effectively communicate to the shoppers in real time at the POP. These strategies set the Retailers apart from their competition, engender trust in their customers, all the while increasing their profitability. The Millennials, growing up in the digital age, are quite agile with their use of technology, and expect the same level of agility and sophistication at the places they shop. Altierre solutions help provide the shopping experience the Millenials seek by seamlessly bridging communications at ecommerce sites and social media to messaging at the point of purchase.



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With  Altierre’s automated  system, Retailers no longer need to remain constrained by labor costs, execution hurdles or weekly print cycles. With the Altierre System, they can unleash their promotional creativity (time of day, day of week, special occasion promotions) using Altierre tag features such as animations and Beacon messaging at POP synchronized with online marketing. Brick & Mortar stores can now be unchained to compete with online retailing! FoodPic2ShampooePaper

While Altierre products are geared towards effective real time customer messaging, they also provide several store operational productivity informational aids at the shelf edge to store associates such as real-time inventory data, planogram data, ordering and stocking data. Operational productivity equates to increased margins.


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Altierre’s Sensor Network offerings help store associates with shelf management such that shelves stay stocked, reduce lost sales and provide a superior shopping experience. The same sensory portfolio of products helps improve freshness of product, reduction of shrink, optimizes markdowns and improves sell through. All of these translate into customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the Retailer.