Altierre’s wireless Internet of Things platform can connect millions of displays, sensors, meters, valves, and assets in large buildings and ship yards, etc.. In the business-to-business marketplace, one well-known application of the Internet of Things involves using sensors to track RF (radio-frequency) tags placed on products moving through supply chains, thus improving inventory management while reducing working capital and logistics costs.

       Airplane manufacturers are building airframes with networked sensors that send continuous data on product wear and tear to their computers, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime. Data from large numbers of sensors, deployed in buildings, yards and ships, etc.  or to report on environmental conditions, can provide decision makers information on real-time events when the sensors are used with advanced display or sensor technologies.

       In retailing, IoT sensors networks can gather and process data about thousands of products and shoppers as they journey through stores. By detecting traffic patterns and linger  times at individual products and signs, retailers can make better and more informed marketing and sales decisions, and with IoT  displays, execute real time control, thus impacting  purchase behavior and thus increase their revenues and margins. 

      Altierre is now deploying it’s solutions in several industrial applications where it’s highly scalable IoT network, thin infrastructure can bring a host of applications in factory automation and asset management. Only a few  installed Altierre long range wireless access points provide factory wide IoT coverage in million sq. ft. factories for millions of sensors and displays. The growth opportunity for this sector is immense, and Altierre is leading the way with real solutions and applications that bring the vision of IoT to reality, globally