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picto non foodAltierre has various formats of electronic displays suited to many different applications.



Altierre dispsignificant ROIlay signage has been proven to deliver significant ROI in department stores with installations over 1100 stores since 2010. Department stores typically compete heavily with time of day (early birds, night owls etc) and day of week (one day only, Saturday & Sunday only, etc) promotions that require as multiple price changes in a day.


Altierre’s unique auto scheduling capabilities enable retailers to pre-down load upcoming promotions into the signs and flip them to right prices at the right times of the day. Ie, 1pm – 6 pm sales means all signs flips to sale prices at 1 pm and flips back to regular prices at 6 pm.


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They not only delivered labor savings, but also reduced the amount of paper used in the stores, improved price accuracy (reducing fines, checkout price checks, etc.) and more importantly delivered real time pricing flexibility to compete with online retailing. Retailers now have the ability to synchronize their online/ offline pricing & promotions offering tech savvy customers a seamless shopping experience.


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Altierre offers both epaper and more economical graphical LCD signs for a mix’n’match approach to make the economics work. The signs can be used in apparel racks, shelves, Jewelry, home appliances, electronics, furniture, or even the garden center.


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