For pharmacies, Altierre offers picto phramacymini format labels specifically designed for small facings.



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Altierre is the only supplier of electronic tags to introduce graphic labels whose format was designed specifically for pharmacies’ smaller facing. With dimensions H X W of 43 X 30 mm and 48 X 33 mm, Altierre offers you the smallest existing graphic label available on the market, without compromising readability. 


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The Altierre System frees up store teams FoodPic1from the arduous task of tagging and makes them available to advise and guide customers.

This is especially important in the Health & Beauty Care sections and all OTC medications as increased sales of these high margin products results in significant revenue uptick.


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The world of pharmacy is becoming more and more competitive. The Altierre system enables implementation of a dynamic pricing policy in order to react quickly to diversified competition (supermarket, e-commerce…).
This strategy significantly improves margins while giving an image of efficiency and modernity to pharmacies.

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The Altierre solution is also a great store productivity enhancement tool.
Beyond dynamic display of prices, the labels will tell you about stocks, quantity, pending delivery or any other information that help you to better manage your pharmacy.

The Altierre Temperature monitoring solution is also a great extra feature for monitoring the refrigerated medicines. Keeping a digital record of the temperature helps to ensure medicines maintain their potency and effectiveness. All this in one solution.Temperature Sensor