Altierre sensors


OOS sensor

traitvioletBattery Powered Wireless Out Of Stock Sensors 

Altierre offers Out of Stock (OOS) Sensing units that detect the presence or absence of per facing of products on the shelf, regardless of the size or the density of the product.
The OOS Sensors are monitored over the Altierre RF Network by the ASG server which generates a comprehensive historic report by each UPC facing.

Easy to install, the OOS can be implemented in fresh departments as well as in frozen cabinets and provide an ROI of under one year. The OOS Sensors have a battery life of 5+ years.

Temperature Sensor Battery Powered Wireless Temperature Sensors 

Altierre also offers a line of Temperature Sensors to measure and monitor the temperature of perishable goods in the stores. Altierre also designs turnkey solutions for monitoring and recording temperature history information through the cold chain from warehouse to stores.line1


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