EP tag family

The Altierre e-Paper labels, benefit from exceptional contrast and legibility thanks
to their high-resolution display !

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All Altierre e-Paper labels have highly controlled energy consumption.

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All Altierre e-Paper labels have full two way communications that provide positive feedback of the status of the display. At any time the store knows exactly what the status of its label is, the status of the last update, and the current battery level.


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The Altierre labels possess 4 programmable memory pages.  Thanks to this capacity, the store can easily display management data for the store teams. Facings, margin level, order in process, delivery date… all essential information to optimize management. These screens can be accessed via the server to flip all screens, one aisle, food group, or just one e-Paper label. The labels can be flipped to other screens with our clicker tool also.

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With 6 e-Paper label formats, Altierre offers a wide and complete
range of labels.
Each store will find the suitable
size to cover its needs and meet its requirements. ep pouce 1