RF platform

     Altierre IoT Network

   Altierre’s wireless Internet of Things platform can connect millions of displays, sensors, meters, valves, and assets in large buildings and ship yards, etc.. In the business-to-business marketplace, one well-known application of the Internet of Things involves using sensors to track RF (radio-frequency) tags placed on products moving through supply chains, thus improving inventory management while reducing working capital and logistics costs.

       In retailing, IoT sensors networks can gather and process data about thousands of products and shoppers as they journey through stores. By detecting traffic patterns and linger  times at individual products and signs, retailers can make better and more informed marketing and sales decisions, and with IoT  displays, execute real time control, thus impacting  purchase behavior and thus increase their revenues and margins.

Powered by the IRISTM wireless chip Altierre’s IoT network is specifically architected to provide:

  • Scalability – able to integrate with millions of tiny battery powered devices and sensors
  • Reliability –supports 2-way data communications (not just ID or an acknowledgement) to validate accuracy and/or report back data
  • Non-interference –a synchronized hopping architecture and narrow communications avoid RF collisions that slow performance and drain batteries
  • Power Consumption – predictable battery consumption with synchronized access point minimizes battery drain caused by device initiated communication and erratic reconnections
  • Security –engineered with multiple layers of security built into the device access points to enhance security

Altierre Access Points (AAP) operate in 2.45 GHz band,  easily installed similar to Wi-Fi access points, with power over Ethernet (POE) and  architected to intelligently co-exist with standard wireless systems like Wi-Fi.

Uniquely built for high density wireless connectivity to “Things”


AAP titre 1

The channels used for WiFi and Zigbee are fixed. Unlike Zigbee installations, Altierre RF Network installation does NOT require mapping of existing free channels.
Zigbee installations require frequent “tuning” to get away from changing WiFi environment due to new WiFi neighboring additions or the WiFi a/b/g/n changing its installation parameters. As data traffic increases in standard architectures like Zigbee, collisions with WiFi seriously degrade the RF performance of the both systems (WiFi and Zigbee). Unlike these fixed architectures, the Altierre intelligent hopping frequency architecture will automatically find available channels and constantly hop out of a busy channel. 
Thus, the Altierre system requires no channel mapping or adjustments during or after the installation.  

 pouce AAP                                              ASM photo

When the store area requires several Access Point for an optimal radio coverage, the architecture system is synchronized by an ASM (Altierre Sync Master) that provides the common time clock to all APs.