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For much of the last decade, industry analysts have been predicting the downfall of in-store retail as we know it. Burdened with arcane distribution networks and expensive locations with declining foot traffic – why would anyone open a physical store?

In 2017 Amazon acquired Wholefoods, Alibaba invested in its ‘New Retail’ strategy and all of a sudden, physical stores are not such a terrible idea.

Undoubtedly, in-store retailers who respond to the new dynamic with more of the same will struggle. However physical stores can also provide differentiation in driving shopper experiences and becoming destinations. Additionally, the store is increasingly becoming an integral component of the supply chain for Omni-Channel Retailers, with Buy-Online-Pick-Up-In-Store (BOPIS), Curbside Delivery, Ship from Store and Same-Day Delivery.

Connected stores

Many Retailers and their Brand Partners make significant investments in marketing efforts to drive shoppers to the store or promote specific items once they arrive. Making these offers personal, relevant and curated for the individual is common on webstores. The ability to deliver individual promotional messages and offers to a shopper has never been possible in the past. Now, with Altierre’s Connected Store Infrastructure and Locationing Capabilities (powered by Sirqul), everything has changed…

Solutions for every business environment

Altierre brings to life untapped profit potential from every item, activity and pattern in the business and empowers companies to instantly capitalize on opportunities to substantially add to the bottom line.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Altierre’s Industry leading Electronic Shelf labels have been deployed for a decade at the World’s largest Retailers. Featuring crystal clear displays and powered by our Spectra Technology Platform and Raptor Retail Application Platform, Altierre’s Electronic Shelf Labels help our global customers drive value and reduce operational cost.

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