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Altierre and Eversight announce strategic partnership to drive targeted promotions and dynamic pricing

The combination of Altierre’s wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) system and Eversight’s AI and experimentation platform for lifecycle pricing will deliver optimized pricing and smart, targeted promotions.

NEW YORK, NY — January 15, 2018 — Altierre Corp and Eversight today announced a strategic partnership at the National Retail Federation Annual Conference and Expo. The Eversight and Altierre platforms enable retailers to dynamically update prices to respond to market conditions and offer targeted promotions, increasing sales and net margin performance.

“Altierre’s IOT platform. enables millions of devices to connect, share information and serve customers. For retailers, Altierre’s platform delivers a connected store experience. For the first time, retailers can communicate directly and engage with their customers in the aisle where more than 70% of purchase decisions are made,” said Rob Crane, SVP, Global Sales and Marketing, Altierre.

“We are excited to partner with Altierre to break-down the last barrier preventing brick and mortar stores from being as nimble as digital channels.  The combination of the Eversight and Altierre platforms allows retailers to make in-store experiences as smart, dynamic, and personalized as they are in ecommerce,”
Jamie Rapperport, co-founder and CEO of Eversight.

Being able to influence purchase decisions at the shelf allows retailers to maximize value. It also provides retailers with the IoT capabilities to thrive in the face of ongoing threats and challenges from disruptive sales channels.

Retailers for the first time can gain the same insights and transparency, and instantly react and seize profit opportunities, as online merchants have long employed.

“IoT enables retailers to compete on a level playing field. The time to leverage IoT is now and this alliance with Eversight is a major win for brick-and-mortal retailers,” Crane said.

Eversight leverages AI and experimentation to create and deliver smart, dynamic pricing and personalized promotions at scale. Global brands and retailers rely on the Eversight platform to optimize pricing to respond to market conditions, deliver higher ROI on promotional spend, and enable real-time, data-driven collaboration on promotion investment. Venture-backed, founded in 2013, and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, the Eversight platform has tested and optimized over 15,000 offers, in 1,500 product groups, on 50 retailers and digital platforms. Eversight’s flagship product, Offer Bank, is delivering more personalized and engaging promotions at leading customers such as Coca-Cola, Hershey’s, Mars, and Molson Coors, and generating 10-25% improvement in sales volume. For more information, visit:

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