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A decade of development

The internet went mainstream by the late 90’s and soon empowered desktops, laptops and phones. By 2000, Altierre’s founders had already envisioned that the internet would soon extend to, and connect, everything in our environment. That vision is now coming true.

The phrase ‘Internet of Things’ points to our increasingly interconnected world. And while the past was about bringing high speed ‘fat pipes’ of connectivity to relatively few devices, today and heading forward are all about pushing the edge… extending the ‘fingers’ of connectivity to every object and activity… in short, ‘The Internet of Things’.

Altierre’s IoT platform is the result of a Decade of Development. Altierre’s founders and team evaluated all the existing technologies and realized that the infrastructure and platform needed to seamlessly support millions of devices and realize the value of IoT in a store, manufacturing plant, auto dealership or food service supplier did not exist. The founders conducted extensive research on existing infrastructure protocols such as Zigbee and IR, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as existing chipsets, software and firmware, and realized none of those technologies could or ever would be capable of supporting a comprehensive Internet of Things environment or provide the widespread paybacks IoT delivers.

Altierre’s infrastructure and communications capabilities are the result of a decade of development, $100M of investment, multiple generations of chip set innovations, and hundreds of test cycles. Altierre’s solution today is optimized to provide the absolute lowest cost of ownership, the broadest range of benefits with ultra-low energy power use. The team chose to wait quite some time before coming to market and only when it was right, to roll out Altierre’s platform. Altierre today is the only company that offers an IoT platform 100% capable of supporting millions of sensors, displays and beacons in a building and… beyond; that operates flawlessly and unhindered by any line of sight issues and can manage a 50,000sqft space with a single access point. Think about that for a second: imagine 50 million cell phones trying to operate inside a baseball field! That is what Altierre is all about. Period.

The result of Altierre’s decade of innovative development is an IoT wireless platform and infrastructure with the ability to communicate back and forth – total bi-directional messaging – that is second to none. Altierre’s platform is optimized for your needs not only today but future proof, for the next century. Our platform seamlessly supports millions of devices without interfering with your or any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

The first market Altierre chose to focus on intently was retail… Altierre’s founder, recognizing early on, that brick and mortar stores were relying on antique practices in terms of paper and ink as well as how labor was deployed for repetitive tasks – all due to lack of in-store connectivity – set the company in motion. Late one night, in a supermarket in Northern California, he was looking for Wonton Wrappers – not an item he frequently purchased. Looking for help, he looked around for an associate and could not find one. He walked to the back of the store and there found all of the associates huddled around a table in a tiny room. “Hey guys, sorry to interrupt, but I need some help!” One associate got up to help him find the elusive item, and also explained why he and his associates were hiding in the back.

“Price changes. It takes forever to change the prices on all the items and it’s the thing we dislike the most about our jobs. Everyone tries to avoid that shift”.

It was then he realized there had to be a better way. So the idea of Altierre was born, and is now an even much greater reality in the market.

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